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Brow Lift Surgery

brow lift surgery

    Brow lift surgery is surgical applications related to eyebrows, which are one of the most striking structures of the face. It is possible to have congenital or later problems in the eyebrows, which add meaning to the human face and shape the facial expression. Low eyebrows, drooping on the eyelid and all other situations cause aesthetic negativities. For many patients who want to overcome this situation, brow lift surgery is a valuable practice.

    It is possible to treat eyebrow problems that also cause vision problems in patients with facial paralysis, cutting injuries and permanent damage. While achieving a more ideal result in terms of visual and functional sense, the patient can also gain self-confidence.


    How is Brow Lift Surgery Performed?

    Operations involving the elimination of problems in the eyebrows and the lifting of the eyebrows can be performed in combination with eyelid aesthetics. Aiming a young, beautiful and assertive appearance, these operations are performed with local or general anesthesia. After the anesthesia application determined according to the preference of the specialist physician, scalpel, electrocautery and radiofrequency are used according to the technique. Incision and suture applications differ in each operation. The physician explains the most appropriate method to the patient and the decision is taken together.

    Different techniques such as inside the hair or on the eyebrows can be used in eyebrow lifting operation.


    Healing Process After Brow Lift Operation

    The recovery process in eyebrow lift application, which is the preference of individuals who want to have a more assertive eyebrow structure in the visual sense, is generally uneventful. It is natural to see swelling and bruising in the eyebrow area for the patient who can perform activities that do not require very high effort. Depending on the surgical method, the healing process, which is completed in 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks, results in the control of the physician.

    Although there is no serious pain in the healing process, it is difficult to move the eyebrows in the first few days after the operation. Depending on the technique preferred in the operation, temporary loss of sensation is natural. In cases where the eyebrow area is not touched with water for the first 5 days and the stitches are removed in 7-10 days, a quality improvement occurs. After the eyebrow lift operation, which is preferred as a permanent application, it is possible for the patient to achieve the desired appearance. As in other procedures, you will be given a form explaining all the details and specific situations before the operation. If you follow the instructions correctly, the process will be much more comfortable.

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