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Fox Eye Surgery

fox eye surgery

    Eye lift with thread; It is an aesthetic operation that aims to eliminate the effects of aging in human life due to environmental and genetic factors. Although it is mainly performed with aesthetic concerns, it is important for a healthy appearance.


    Who Prefers Almond Eye Application?

    It is widely preferred by women and recently by men. Almond eye operation with non-surgical thread is a very critical application that should be performed by professionals. It means radical changes related to the face, which is the most visually important part of the human body. The error/defect in this operation is of the kind that can have serious consequences. When this is the case, choosing a doctor in almond eye surgery with a non-surgical thread becomes a very valuable issue.


    What is Rope Stretching Technique?

    Whether you are a woman or a man, you can want your eyes to look more beautiful. In this case, you may need to resort to aesthetic operations. Successful solutions are possible with the alternative known as almond eye operation with non-surgical thread. You can take a look at the almond eye application with thread, which is one of the most preferred applications, also known as fox eyes-cat eyes-almond eyes in English, in all its details below.


    Is Almond Eye Procedure Permanent?

    It should also be stated that the thread stretching process, which can be combined with different aesthetic applications, is the most ideal solution of the last period. The permanence of the procedure may vary depending on the wrinkles in the skin type applied. It is of course a more temporary solution than the surgical procedure.


    How is Almond Eye Application Performed?

    During the almond eye operation, meticulousness/sterilization should always be at the forefront. Thus, the result will be higher quality and flawless. Based on this understanding, the procedure is started by giving local anesthesia to the patient. The fact that general anesthesia is not required allows the patient to recover in a shorter time.

    The areas where rope stretching will be performed are determined and necessary markings are made here. Correct planning before the procedure is important. Stretching is performed with threads placed in the said areas using fine needles. It should be mentioned that the almond eye procedure is not a very long operation. Moreover, the probability of complications is not high.


    To Whom Can Almond Eye Application Be Applied?

    Almond eye application with thread can be applied to all individuals who are uncomfortable with the shape of their eyes. It is not recommended for individuals under the age of 18 (when we ignore the social problems that may occur in children due to special syndromes).


    What is the Process After Almond Eye Aesthetics?

    It should be stated that stretching with the rope will cause slight bruises in the first place. However, these bruises, which will pass in a short time, do not prevent you from returning to your daily life. After the operation, it is necessary to stay away from blows to the face and eyes, itching of the face and eyes or sleeping on the face. You should not wipe your eyes with make-up and a towel. When the healing process is completed, it is possible to prevent these stages. You can have a more vivid eye structure with this process, the effect of which continues for up to 2 years.

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