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Lip Lift

lip lift

    Liplift is the preferred operation for the removal of sagging or deformities in the upper lip. The main purpose of the intervention, also known as Lip Lift, is to ensure that the distance between the lip and the nose is in ideal dimensions. For this reason, the whole face is measured and the position of this distance on the face is calculated. Calculations are made to be closest to the golden ratio and the lip position is changed accordingly.


    Who Is Lip Lift Suitable For?

    Lip lift application is suitable for people whose lip-nose distance is longer than their facial structure. In this context, a more beautiful appearance is desired by removing the sagging of the lips, which form a whole with the eyebrows, eyes and cheeks. Because the upper lip is structurally damaged, lip augmentation is generally preferred. However, this application does not meet the expectations of the desired results due to the existing problems. When the liplift process is combined with lip augmentation, more pleasing results can be obtained.


    How is Liplift Performed?

    The purpose of liplift applications is to shorten the distance between the nose and lips. In this framework, the skin is shortened from the lower part of the nose. According to the preference of the physician, lip lift is performed with general or local anesthesia applications. Generally, local anesthesia is preferred. The duration of the operation, which is performed with a small incision, is approximately 1 hour. When the operation is completed, it is aimed to protect the area with dressing, and after 1 day of dressing, the patient’s healing process begins. This incision is made from the lower border of the nose.


    Healing Process After Lip Lift Operation

    The healing process takes a short time after the liplift application, which is preferred by patients with a negative appearance on their upper lips. Although slight swelling may occur within 72 hours following the operation, this is natural. Cold compresses are recommended to control swelling. While scars occur just under the nose, it is possible for the scars to heal in a few weeks. However, since this region is a region that moves frequently during talking, eating and drinking, the possibility of scarring increases. At this point, the scar is brought to a minimum level with the special suture techniques used and laser applications applied months after the procedure in some patients. People who will have this procedure should have it done by considering the possibility of a line under the nose.

    Although there are weaknesses in lip movements during the healing period, there will be no restriction in lip movements at the end of the healing process. As in other transactions, you will be given a form explaining all the details and specific situations before the transaction. If you follow the instructions correctly, the process will be much more comfortable.

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