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Endoscopic Mid Face Lift

    Endoscopic mid-face lift operation is one of the permanent applications related to the face, which is the area where the signs of aging are seen most. While it eliminates the signs of aging, it also helps to eliminate the problems seen due to muscle reduction and loss of skin elasticity. Although aging is a condition that cannot be stopped, it is possible to slow down the effects with endoscopic mid-face lift.

    In mid-face lift applications, applications take place on the corners of the eyes and nose, which are considered the center of the face. Stretching and sagging procedures are performed in the said areas where the aging effect is observed.


    Who Is Endoscopic Mid Face Lift For?

    Sagging in the face area are problems that can be eliminated with technological developments. With the developments in technology, solutions suitable for aesthetic and beauty perceptions emerge. In this context, mid-face lift surgery, which is highly preferred, eliminates the effects of aging in the basic areas of the face.

    The decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which is the most serious effect of aging, causes a decrease in the level of connective tissue. In this case, it is quite natural to have sagging and wrinkles on the skin. Mid-face lift operation is an application preferred by patients between the ages of 30 and 55. This operation is preferred in case of cheek sagging, under-eye bags and weakening of the cheekbone. It creates a youthful effect by making the face look more voluminous and beautiful.


    How is Mid-Face Lift Surgery Performed?

    Endoscopic mid-face lift surgery is performed in a clinic-operating room environment and by specialist physicians. General anesthesia is generally preferred in mid-face lift surgery, which is preferred in order to achieve a youthful appearance. In this way, it is possible to reduce the feeling of pain and to perform the operation more easily.

    During the operation, the fat pads in the patient’s face area that cause sagging are removed. The aim is to replace sagging facial tissues. When the desired tension is achieved, the cheekbones and the center of the face reach an ideal appearance. The damage to the soft tissue that causes deep lines and wrinkles on the face is eliminated. As the stitches thrown during the surgery pass over time, a permanent visual effect occurs. Thanks to the endoscopic mid-face lift operation, which supports having a fuller and healthier facial structure, it is possible for patients to look beautiful. As in other procedures, you will be given a form explaining all the details and specific situations before the operation. If you follow the instructions correctly, the process will be much more comfortable.

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