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Temple Lift

temple lift

    The operation called temple stretching or temporal lift is an operation in which stretching is performed in the cross direction outward and upward. In the aging process, the outer half of the eyebrows may show a lower level than the inner half. This is because the outer half of the eyebrow has much smaller muscles than the inner half. At this point, sagging of the temples may occur.

    A temple lift allows you to give your face a rested, attractive look. During the procedure, the upper part of the face rises. This significantly reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, giving impressive features. Thanks to this, the technique has become very popular in the beauty industry and has helped a large number of people in the fight against signs of aging. The average duration of the surgery is only 1 hour.

    How is Temporal Stretching Performed?

    The temple stretching operation is performed using different techniques. It is possible to list these techniques as follows.

    Coronary Stretching

    Coronary lift is a traditional technique in which an incision is made along the hairline from one ear to the other. The surgeon clearly sees the tissues and muscles, tightens and corrects the position and removes excess fat. The operation allows the temples to be stretched and even wrinkles to be corrected. The method is not recommended for patients with a tendency to baldness. Because without hair, the seam will be clearly visible.

    Endoscopic Lift

    Endoscopic lifting is a gentle technique in which the surgeon makes only three to four small incisions in the hairy area. Endoscopic lifting involves the use of special equipment. Threads are used to fix muscles and tissues.

    In the temple stretching operation, the following steps are generally followed:

    • The surgeon examines the condition of the patient’s skin, the depth of wrinkles formed, prescribes tests to exclude possible contraindications.
    • The procedure is done under general anesthesia. Thanks to micro incisions, the forehead skin is tightened. Deep longitudinal wrinkles, vertical folds in the nose bridge area are removed. Fallen eyebrows are corrected.
    • Smooth sutures are placed on the incisions that dissolve within two weeks.
    • This is a gentle method that does not involve deep cuts. Therefore, recovery is fast. It is suitable for people with a high forehead and a tendency to bald.

    Things to Consider After Temporary Lift Operation

    There are points to be considered after the temple stretching operation. The points in question are as follows.

    • After the temple stretching operation, bandages are made in such a way that the mouth, nose and eyes remain open. These dressings are removed after 2 days.
    • There is no need to remove the sutures after the temple stretching operation. These sutures, which have a special structure, melt.
    • After the operation, a feeling of sleep and tension occurs. This process will improve in two patients.
    • You can easily return to your daily life 1 week after the operation.
    • The results after the operation vary from person to person. In this direction, some results can be preserved for 5 years and some results for 10 years.
    • After the operation, you should protect yourself against excessive fatigue, sun and impacts.


    The scars that occur after the temple lift operation take on the skin color for a short time. At the same time, these traces consist of hidden places and are not visible.

    Yes, it is possible to perform these operations in combination.

    If you follow the post-operative recommendations, the result of eyebrow lifting will please you for 5-7 years. After that, you can perform the correction if desired.