Ulthera technology is a technology that sends sound waves to the tissues in the lowest layer of the skin. With these sent sound waves, point temperature increases are created. In this direction, the stimulation of collagen production is provided.

    Ultherapy technology has become a frequently demanded technology in recent times. The main effects of this method used for face and neck lift are as follows:

    • By providing more collagen production in the skin, it creates a youthful appearance.
    • It helps to form strengthened connective tissue.
    • It gives you a much tighter skin.
    • It greatly reduces wrinkles.

    How is Ultherapy Face Lift Applied?

    During this process, the ultrasonic head of the ulthera device is used. This head is brought into contact with the skin and the lower layers of the skin are displayed. In this way, it is ensured that all problems on the skin are understood. Accompanied by the image in question, the deep connective tissues between 3 and 4.5 mm are focused. Sound waves are sent to these tissues. Heat damage is created, which stimulates collagen production. After the application, collagen production begins in the carrier tissues of the skin. This helps the skin to have a much tighter appearance.

    How Long Does a Face Lift with Ultherapy Take?

    Although the procedure time of this facelift method varies according to the person, we can mention that the application time around the eyes is about 15-20 minutes. In addition, in applications to be made for the whole face, the time may be extended up to 1 hour. An excellent result can be achieved in a facelift with a single session application.

    In Which Areas Is Ultherapy Used?

    The ultherapy method, known as a non-surgical face lift operation, is an operation that rejuvenates the skin. At this point, it is a miraculous method for individuals with wrinkles in the face area and sagging in the jaw line, which is expressed as the jaw line. This method ensures the removal of sagging in areas such as cheeks, jowls and neck. It can also be applied to the eyebrow and forehead area to raise eyebrows. Finally, it is also preferred for reducing wrinkles around the eyes, lower parts of the eyes and décolleté.

    Swelling and bruising typically subside within 1-2 weeks.

    Depending on the type of facelift surgery, incisions can be made in different locations. With proper treatment, a faint scar may be visible after 6 months. However, healing of the wound can vary from person to person.

    After the surgery, smoking should be quit or significantly reduced. The use of a compression garment and taking medication supplements after the surgery is necessary for better tissue healing. If there is any regular medication use, chronic illness or allergy, it should be reported to your doctor before the surgery.

    There may be mild pain in the areas where the procedure is performed, which can be relieved with simple painkillers. The patient can fully return to their social life within 1-2 weeks.

    The purpose of this surgery is not to create a new face shape, but to attempt to restore the sagging and aging face due to certain factors to its previous years.

    • Mini facelift
    • Mid facelift (Endoscopic Mid Facelift)
    • Full facelift
    • Neck lift
    • Full face + Neck lift.

      There are different surgical options for. The answers to frequently asked questions about facelift surgery vary depending on which technique will be used.


    Yes, it can be performed. It is not a gender-specific operation.